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Harnessing today's cutting-edge technologies, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, Shamir introduces its most advanced progressive lens. Shamir Autograph intelligence™ is a continuous lens design that optimally matches the wearer's Visual Age™ and visual needs.

Visual Age™ refers to the physiological age of the eye (the required addition) and is generally correlated with the patient’s chronological age.

Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ is Shamir's top-of-the-line, most advanced progressive lens, ushering optics into a new dimension in optimally customized, patient-centered lenses.

It provides presbyopic patients at any age with a continuous lens design which is unique according to their Visual Age™ and visual needs, allowing a unique user experience for presbyopes of all ages, with no need to compromise on visual comfort.

Learn more at www.ShamirAutographIntelligence.com


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