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Pech Optical

Pech Optical was founded by Robert W. Pech in 1989 on the vision of doing one more job today than yesterday, with one less error.  Achieving this means to continuously increase the number of customers satisfied with the quality and service they desire.  With daily job numbers growing from 250 to well over 1,800, it is evident Pech Optical is on the right track.

To experience such a growth, ideas must be integrated from all sectors of the laboratory.  Pech Optical regularly evaluates how each stage of the production process works together; ensuring the ability to produce efficient products in a timely manner.  Teamwork between departments is what allows Pech Optical to provide superior products.

Pech Optical has incorporated the following views into daily operations: 

  • Our goal is delivering our customers peace of mind.

  • If you want it done right the first time, have the people at Pech Optical do it.

  • Pech Optical: synonymous with quality and friendly service.

  • Customers look to Pech Optical for a plethora of products, services and machinery to handle every type of job.

  • Pech Optical always lets the customer know their options and goes that extra mile.

  • Go to Pech Optical for no hassles over their guidelines.

  • Pech Optical has the right price.  


Pech Optical is a Proud Member of:

Approved Insurance Plans:

  • Avesis
  • BlueCross BlueSheild
  • Delta
  • EyeMed
  • Hawk-i
  • Humana Vision Care Plan (VCP)
  • MetLife
  • OptumHealth
  • Versant
  • Vision Benefits of America (VBA)
  • VSP

Affiliated Buying Groups:

  • American Doctors of Optometry (ADO)
  • The Alliance
  • E-Dr Network
  • EPON
  • Healthy Eyes Advantage (HEA)
  • Heartland Optical
  • Newton Professional Purchasing (NPP)
  • OOGP
  • Professional Dispensary Services, LLC (PDS)
  • Villavecchia Buying Group
  • Wisconsin Vision Association (WVA)

Check with Buying Group Administrator for available discount.

Affiliated ECP Alliances/Networks:

  • IDOC
  • OPN
  • PERC
  • Vision Source
  • Vision Trends

Contact Alliance Group/Network directly for complete pricing.


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