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RxWizard™ is customized for each laboratory, so your access to precise availability of products and package-programs is immediate. You can transmit lens or frame tracings to speed the process, too. You can also receive an up-to-date status report on in-process orders. The orders you transmit are archived, and you control how long they are kept. You can view and search both archived and in-process orders using the "Order Lookup" function.

Before downloading RxWizard™ verify that your computer is operating with Windows software. Also, contact Pech Optical CS at 800-831-2352 to request a recent invoice number.

Instructions for Downloading RxWizard™ (Remo):
  1. Go to http://thedvi.com/plugin.php
  2. When the page opens click on the 2nd line where it states "To preview Rx Wizard 6.18 (BETA) click here".
  3. It will ask: "What do you want to do with...?" - click on “Run”
  4. The installation of Remo will start and then will ask for a password. Enter “slaboff” (in lower case) and click next.
  5. During installation answer all questions either “yes” or “next”
  6. After installation is complete click "finish". (It should create an icon on the desktop)
  7. Click on the DVI icon to open the software. 
  8. It will start by asking for "DVI Remote Entry Options". Complete this only if you are going to use this to transmit your orders to Pech Optical. If not, click OK.
  9. Go to “Setup” menu and click on "Add”.
  10. At the "Setup Account" screen leave the information at the top blank.  
  11. Click on "Fetch or Change Password".
  12. Enter your Pech Optical account code (all upper case with hyphen). 
  13. Enter your recent invoice number. If you don't have one, contact Pech Optical Customer Service at 800-831-2352.
  14. Enter 51111 as the zip code.
  15. Click on "Get Username/Password" and your account should be visible on the screen. Click OK.
  16. A message will come up saying "Initiate Download". Click "Yes".
  17. At the top right of the screen, click on "Order Lookup" and then click "Refresh" and your orders should appear on the screen.
  18. Always click on "Refresh" each time you access the Order Lookup for the most current status.




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