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RxWizard™ is customized for each laboratory, so your access to precise availability of products and package-programs is immediate. You can transmit lens or frame tracings to speed the process, too. You can also receive an up-to-date status report on in-process orders. The orders you transmit are archived, and you control how long they are kept. You can view and search both archived and in-process orders using the "Order Lookup" function.

Before downloading RxWizard™ contact Pech Optical to set up a WebID and Password.

Instructions for Downloading RxWizard™ (Remo):
  1. Go to http://thedvi.com/plugin.php
  2. When the page opens click on the 1st line where it states "Click here to install the latest release of RxWizard™ (version 6.x)"
  3. It will ask: "Would you like to save this file?" - click on “save file”
  4. Click on the link in your "Downloads" file
  5. It will start the installation of Remo and then will ask for a password. Enter “slaboff” and click next.
  6. During installation answer all questions either “yes” or “next”
  7. After installation is complete click "finish"
  8. Once you have opened the DVI Remo or Rx Wizard icon on your desktop it will start by asking for the options part of the program. After filling out this part, go to “Setup” menu and then “Account”. You do NOT need to add Pech in the lab part.  
  9. Once you have added the account (name, Web ID and password) it will then ask you if you want to enter in an e-mail address in case you lose your password. This is NOT required.
  10. After clicking "ok" in the account maintenance box and the setup box it will take you to the Rx Entry Screen and ask: “In order to use new account information download now?” - Click “yes” and it will automatically add Pech  the Lab info.
  11. After downloading that, you still need to do a “file and transmit” to fetch job status in the “Order Lookup” screen.




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